Summer Pop Piano "Camp"

Spend the summer playing music you love! In this 8-week "camp," you'll learn the fundamentals of pop music and apply them to any song you want to play. This isn't just tips and tricks to play sheet music - it's a fun and useful crash course in understanding how pop music works.

Believe it or not, even though I have a Masters degree in Classical Piano Performance, I wasn't able to comfortably play pop music until I joined a cover band years ago and had to learn rock and pop songs quickly - and without sheet music. It was an entirely new way of processing music, and it was a game-changer. My mission is to share the system I developed to make you a better - and happier - pianist!

Pop Piano Camp will show you how to apply the skills and knowledge from your traditional lessons to play the songs that inspire you. If you've always wanted to explore pop music, this one-on-one summer experience may be for you.

How does it work?

Pop Piano Camp is an 8-week program designed to super-charge your musical understanding. We'll meet for weekly 60-minute sessions designed around your schedule, and you'll receive unlimited practicing support via email, text or phone.

At the end of the 8 weeks (with regular practice throughout), you'll be able to confidently play one or more of your favorite pop songs, and you'll have a toolbox of skills to apply to other songs in the future.


Sessions will be held via Zoom or FaceTime while social distancing remains in place. If the option to return to in-person lessons arises, we can switch formats if desired.

What age and skill level is this for?

This accelerated process works best with adults and young adults who have some prior piano lesson experience. I offer a complimentary Zoom or FaceTime session for all potential students so we can get to know each other and decide whether it's right for you.

What songs will I learn?

That's up to you! I want to hear about the music you love. What inspires you? What have you always wanted to play? We'll look in-depth at how your favorite songs are put together, break down the skills you need to play them, and arrange the music for your level and experience.

I'm already taking lessons from another instructor, but my teacher won't teach pop music. Can I still do the summer camp with you?

Absolutely! Consider this a different skill set, just like any other activity you'd do. This doesn't have to compete with your current lessons - only complement them.

I've played pop songs from sheet music before. How is this different?

Have you ever been surprised by how tricky it can be to make pop sheet music sound "right"? You're not alone! The reason is RHYTHM. When pop songs are arranged for piano, the sheet music combines elements of the guitar parts, drum parts, keyboard parts, vocals, etc. into a two-handed version of the song. The resulting score is often rhythmically and visually complex. Many piano students haven't encountered this type of syncopated rhythm in the pieces they play, so it's challenging. I'll help you build a vocabulary of rhythms and patterns that are commonly found in pop music, which will simplify the process of learning almost any sheet music -- even classical!

Will we only be working with sheet music?

Nope! If you're familiar with sheet music, it's a helpful tool to illustrate many of the concepts we'll be talking about. But I also take you beyond sheet music and show you shorthand techniques for organizing and remembering the songs you play. All materials will be custom created for the way your musical brain works.

What else is included?

There are all kinds of free online resources to take advantage of if you know how to use them. You'll learn how to find the chords for any song, and I can also help you to navigate other resources you may have tried (video tutorials, etc.).

Have other questions or want to schedule a free Zoom call?

Get in touch via email or call me at 215-901-0024.