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Creativity Coaching

Are you creative?

It’s a question I've asked countless clients upon our first meeting. Despite how intriguing their personal and professional identities have been -- parent, business owner, philanthropist, neurosurgeon -- surprisingly few have considered themselves to be creative. Yet in our time together, they've discovered quite the opposite!

When we think of creativity, we tend to have specific ideas about who belongs to the club. Kids? Absolutely. Musicians, artists, designers? Of course. But ourselves? Not really.


How would your life change if the answer was yes?

I believe that creativity is as much a feeling of inner freedom and wholeness as it is a specific artistic endeavor. 

As young children, we embrace our natural creativity. We delight in self-expression even though our crowning achievement might literally be a messy scribble of crayon. We bring our full selves to everything we do, and that openness allows for creative connection to happen.

As we grow up, we're often trained to judge our output. We learn what’s 'right' and what’s rewarded, and funnel our efforts toward optimal expertise and accomplishment. Whether it’s in our careers, our families, or simply our own perception of ourselves as responsible adults, we may unconsciously limit our self-expression to what seems proper for our chosen roles. We can lose the core of true creativity.


Remember the part of you that once felt free? Unburdened by expectations? Excited to discover your possibilities?

Does it still exist?


Absolutely. And the piano can help you to reclaim it.

Music is magical. It sparks something inside of us that opens up our heart, mind and memories in a way that few things in life do. There's even science behind it! Music has likely been the soundtrack to every version of 'you' that has existed over your lifetime, and it's a direct line to reconnecting with your innate creativity. 

I’m sure you know the feeling of listening to a favorite song. Now imagine the thrill of playing it! How would it feel to spend time immersed in the music you love -- talking about it, learning about it and actually creating it. A musical space where nothing is off the table, and where rock and pop songs are equally as valid and achievable as more traditional piano repertoire.

Consider me your personal musical concierge. This isn't simply a piano lesson -- it’s a musical journey that’s unique to you, your inspirations and your desires. 

My creative life has been incredibly diverse, from performing in recital halls as an award-winning classical pianist to playing clubs and venues as a band keyboardist. I'm fluent in many genres of music, and have a library of tips and tricks for playing that make it possible to make music from the very first session.

I’ve also had a decades-long career in the business realm in both operational and managerial roles. I understand the expectations and pressures of success, and find joy in enabling others to escape and transcend them during our time together. No time to practice? No problem. I can meet you where you are, and allow you to enjoy music on your own terms. You don’t need to wait until retirement to do something just for you!

Music is powerfully transformative. It opens doors to self-discovery, and provides fertile ground for the development of new skills and habits as you immerse yourself in a fascinating new language. I often say that people “play who they are.” The way you approach the instrument provides valuable insight into your way of being in other areas, and the changes you make at the piano can have exciting ripple effects in the rest of your life.

Curious to find out what creativity can do for you? Allow me to be your guide.

"Exploring the piano at 50 years old gave me a language that I didn’t know, a confidence that I needed, and a selfish, only-for-me hobby that gave me the idea to do other things like that just for me. Not about kids, not about a job, not about a husband... Having piano in my life opened up doors to other possibilities."


- Lori A.

 "You have untapped something in me that might just be an important part of who I actually am."


- Dennis A.