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Craving a creative outlet?

Coming back to the piano after many years?

Ready to rock?


Want to look forward to your lessons?

Need help with music theory?

Have a creative project in mind?


A wealth of tips and strategies to practice more effectively,

read music more fluently, and sound better

Pop, Rock & Contemporary

From chord progressions to rhythmic patterns, 

learn the language of modern music and how to make it easy

Take a Piano Break

No time to practice? No problem.

Come enjoy the benefits of music with a "piano break" session

Student   Projects

Ava studied Adele's arrangement of "To Make You Feel My Love," and recorded a cover of the song at Rittenhouse Soundworks Studio in Germantown, PA.

Calum took a deep dive into the music of Franz Liszt, and performed "Au Lac de Wallenstadt" at Cunningham Piano Company in King of Prussia, PA.

Julian composed an original song for piano, strings and children's bells. For this performance, he cleverly arranged the string parts as keyboard accompaniment.

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