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Innovative teaching. Inspired students.

Continuing your classical studies?

Uplevel your playing with a wealth of tips and tricks to practice more effectively, read music more fluently, and sound better

Prefer pop and rock?

Don't just read sheet music! From chord progressions to rhythmic patterns, learn to speak the language of modern music

Need help with music theory?

Ace your understanding with clear explanations, real-world examples, and plenty of "aha!" moments

Student  Projects

Ava covers Adele's version of

"To Make You Feel My Love"

Calum performs "Au Lac de Wallenstadt" by Franz Liszt

Julian performs an original composition

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Student Projects

For  Teens

Thoughtful Musical Mentorship

Greetings! I know it's a challenging time to be a high school student. You're navigating academic expectations, extracurriculars, social life and our post-pandemic reality, and doing the best you can to keep up.


You may have been taking piano for years, but at this point you're not planning to be a concert pianist. You'd love to keep music in your life, but the pressure of lessons is feeling like just another thing to manage.


I understand! What if there was a better option?


Growing up, music was my escape from the noise. I believe deeply in the power of having a creative space in which you can let go, unplug and recharge. I won't let you off the hook when it comes to your assignments, but I will allow you to co-create a meaningful musical path that inspires and enriches you.


As a serious pianist who practiced 2-4 hours each day, won numerous piano competitions, and was awarded music scholarships to both Duke and Carnegie Mellon University, I'm familiar with the discipline it takes to achieve goals. 


I can also offer you the benefit of years of life experience, where I've learned to go easier on myself in certain areas and yet still accomplish exciting and meaningful progress.


I look forward to helping you do the same!

"I feel so grateful to have you as a figure in my life. Thank you so much."


Class of '21

"I really miss our lessons! You were a one-of-a-kind, calming, amazing presence that made everything better."


Class of '20

"Thanks for all you do - your advice is much appreciated and I am so grateful to be your student :) "

Class of '25

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