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      Leslie Poprik-Capelli

MMus Carnegie Mellon University
BA Duke University

A different kind of piano lesson...


Imagine sitting down at the piano and being able to play for fun. Maybe you envision playing songs by Adele, The Beatles or another favorite artist. Perhaps you dream of continuing your classical studies in a way that feels exciting and fulfilling, rather than stressful and pressured. Either way, you may wonder "is it possible?"

The answer is yes! Whether you've never touched a piano before, or have had instruction in the past, you'll be delighted by what you're able to achieve with the right guidance. Traditional lessons often take the same approach with adults as they do with young children, which can lead to frustration or boredom. I'm sure your goals and life experiences are quite different than they were years ago - and your piano instruction should be, too.

I offer a highly personalized lesson experience that goes beyond simple skill acquisition. It's a nourishing and affirming creative break for your mind and spirit. My goal is to make music make sense, and we'll approach learning from a fresh perspective, with the music you want to play. Best of all, you won't need to spend months practicing scales or kids' songs before diving into what interests you. We'll fast track the learning process in a way that's relatable and fun, yet still educationally sound. If you've ever thought "I'd love to be able to play" or "I wish I hadn't quit piano lessons," I invite you to a new kind of musical experience. 

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"I've talked with friends who took lessons as they were growing up. When I tell them about my experience, they all say they wished they had a teacher like you. You're extremely knowledgeable, patient, supportive, perceptive, encouraging, challenging and FUN!"


- Deb Kinder



"You have made my life better by teaching me to play the piano in the unique way that you have, and I'm incredibly grateful for that. I'm a happier person with music in my life."


- Nicole Schenk Wasiakowski


"You're amazing in being able to turn a vague kernel of thought I might have into an actual harvest of piano teaching and learning. You have untapped something in me that might just be an important part of who I actually am. Thank you for your enthusiasm, confidence in me and your passion."


- Dennis Alter


I'm Leslie Poprik-Capelli, and I'm passionate about helping adults add a creative dimension to their lives. Whether music is a new hobby or a lifetime love, it's an incredible way to find joy and fulfillment amongst life's many responsibilities.

I'm a classically trained pianist with a Master of Music from Carnegie Mellon University and a BA from Duke University. I've performed as both an award-winning classical soloist

and a rock/pop band keyboardist, and have instructed students of all ages and abilities for nearly twenty years. I also spent a decade in the business world, managing the University of Virginia faculty club and later directing 

operations for a chain of music schools. These experiences inspired me to create a unique way for busy adults to enjoy a creative outlet. My teaching marries personalized attention, useful shortcuts, and a healthy dose of inspiration, so you can happily unwind and find your musical bliss. 

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