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Engage with the piano in a new way:

your way.





      Leslie Poprik-Capelli

Imagine sitting down at the piano and being able to play for fun. Do you envision playing songs by your favorite pop artists? Revisiting classical music in a way that feels fulfilling and achievable, rather than stressful? Are you intrigued by music theory, and curious to learn the language in an understandable and relevant way?

It’s all possible!

Whether or not you’ve had instruction in the past, you'll be thrilled by what you're able to achieve with the right guidance. Traditional lessons often prescribe the same path for adults and teens as for young children, which can feel limiting or uninspiring. It's time for a fresh approach!

My goal is to make music make sense, and to guarantee your success through innovative instruction centered around the music you love. You'll learn how music works, and make connections between what you already know and how it applies to the songs you want to play. Best of all? You won't need to spend months practicing kids' songs before diving into music that's meaningful to you. 

Our time together goes beyond simple skill acquisition. It's a place to ask questions, engage with music in a highly personalized way, and feel creatively accomplished. Many of my students have called it "piano therapy," and it will expand your self-perception in exciting new directions.

If you've ever thought "I'd love to be able to play" or "I wish I hadn't quit piano lessons," I invite you to a new kind of musical experience.



"I've talked with friends who took lessons as they were growing up. When I tell them about my experience, they all say they wished they had a teacher like you. You're extremely knowledgeable, patient, supportive, perceptive, encouraging, challenging and FUN!"


- Deb K.



"You have made my life better by teaching me to play the piano in the unique way that you have, and I'm incredibly grateful for that. I'm a happier person with music in my life."


- Nicole W.


"You're amazing in being able to turn a vague kernel of thought I might have into an actual harvest of piano teaching and learning. You have untapped something in me that might just be an important part of who I actually am."


- Dennis A.


I’m a pianist, educator and mentor with a passion for elevating life through creativity. For over 20 years, I’ve helped students and clients to experience exciting shifts in their personal and professional lives through musical connection.

I hold a Master of Music from Carnegie Mellon University and a BA in Music from Duke University, and have performed as both an award-winning classical pianist and a keyboardist in rock and pop bands. As a mentor and motivator, I draw from a lifetime in the creative realm as well as two decades in business. My career has included serving as General Manager of the University of Virginia faculty club, and helping to build a local Philadelphia music school into a regional chain, first as School Director and, later, as company-wide Director of Operations.


I believe that 'being creative' isn't simply about learning to play the piano. It's about expanding your self-perception. When you embrace yourself as a creative person, you allow possibilities into your life -- in all areas -- that may not have existed before. You find the sense of inner freedom that's available when you disconnect from daily roles, responsibilities and expectations.

Piano time is time just for you. I'm honored to offer a creative space that marries attentive presence, useful insight, and a healthy dose of musical inspiration.

About Me
About Me
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