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Main Line Piano Lessons
Imagine sitting down at the piano and playing music that you love.

Whether you envision classical repertoire, playing your favorite pop songs, or understanding the language of music theory, it's all possible with the right guidance! You want more than a traditional lesson experience or an instructor who simply "teaches all styles." You're craving a stress-free escape from the routine, a chance to unwind and expand, and an experienced guide who can guarantee your success.

Looking for powerful and practical tips? Enjoy a comprehensive pedagogical approach that interweaves elements of classical methodology, pop sensibility, music theory and the Taubman approach to technique. Gain a deeper understanding of music that will transform the way you play and listen. 

Dreaming of an expectation-free exploration? Indulge in musical "me time" with a piano break session.

Most importantly, prepare to see yourself differently! Our time together goes beyond skill acquisition. It's a place to let go, stretch creatively, and feel accomplished. We'll celebrate all of your successes along the way, including the shifts in thinking and process that are the fruits of developing as a creative person.


Ready to elevate your life with a personalized musical journey?

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What Students Are Saying


"You're amazing in being able to turn a vague kernel of thought I might have into an actual harvest of piano teaching and learning.

You have untapped something in me that might just be an important part of who I actually am."


- Dennis A.

Student photo


"You have made my life better

by teaching me to play the piano in the unique way that you have, and I'm incredibly grateful for that. I'm a happier person with music in my life."

- Nicole W.

Student photo


"I've talked with friends who took lessons as they were growing up. When I tell them about my experience, they all say they wished they had a teacher like you.

You're extremely knowledgeable, patient, supportive, perceptive, encouraging, challenging and FUN!"

- Deb K.

Student photo

Exploring the piano at 50 years old

gave me a language that I didn't know, a confidence that I needed, and a selfish, only-for-me hobby that gave me the idea to do other things like that just for me.

Not about kids, not about a job, not about a husband.

Having piano in my life opened up doors to other possibilities.

- Lori A.

You have an incredible gift of making complicated music theory easy, accessible, and fun. You have challenged my brain and my ear in ways I could not have imagined.

My creativity and critical thinking in all aspects of my life have benefited.

- Amelia C.

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