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Student / Client  Stories

Kristina - A New Perspective


Kristina's days of touring as a professional ballerina were behind her, but she was busy inspiring the next generation of dancers at her acclaimed ballet studio. After long days of teaching, she was seeking a creative outlet of her own. Kristina had studied piano when she was younger and always loved playing classical music. She was thrilled by how much easier it became when she learned to see music differently. 

"Having piano in my life has been wonderful and always brings a calming presence into my weekly schedule. Thank you for your constant encouragement - you're always so kind and patient. I'm so grateful you agreed to work with me."


- Kristina P.


Dennis - Following The Muse


Dennis had built a storied career as a pioneering entrepreneur. When he decided to pursue a lifelong dream of playing the piano, he discovered that the same creative instincts he'd used in business applied to his musical interests as well. He gravitated toward improvisation and composition, and his immersion in the piano culminated in the creation of an orchestral work in collaboration with a faculty member from the Curtis Institute of Music.


Nicole - Rock Star Mom


As a financial services professional and parent of two young children, Nicole was craving time for herself. She was a fan of the Avett Brothers, and loved the idea of using her creative time to learn music that her kids would recognize. She started with sheet music, then moved off the page to analyze the songs' DNA through chord charts and rhythmic patterns. Now she's creating custom piano arrangements and making the band's music her own. Cue the living room dance parties!

"You have an incredible gift of making complicated music theory easy, accessible, and fun. You have challenged my brain and my ear in ways I could not have imagined, and my creativity and critical thinking in all aspects of my life have benefited because of it."

- Amelia C.


Amelia - Creative Discovery

Amelia was determined to balance her demanding career as an attorney with activities that fed her in other ways. When she came back to the piano after 12 years, she initially felt married to the notes on the page and assumed that learning by ear and improvising were out of the realm of possibility for her. As she began to explore music theory, she discovered how well she could trust her ear. She's now applying college-level theory concepts to her playing, and engaging her natural talents in sophisticated new ways.

What  Clients Are  Saying

"I know there wasn’t necessarily any piano playing in our lesson today but that was awesome and I wanted to thank you for being so flexible with how we use that time! Ultimately I signed up for piano as part of taking a step back to do those things in life that I hadn’t explored before… The universe delivered me a life coach in the process!"

- Marina B.

"Leslie has been coming to our company since 2012 to give lessons to our employees, and has done an amazing job. We pride ourselves on offering unique programs for our employees, and piano lessons with Leslie is one we are extremely proud of. Several employees have been with her the entire time she has been here, which speaks volumes about her teaching style." 

- Casey A., SEI Investments

"I am still amazed when I hear a piece of music for the first time and internally question myself 'can I do that?' and the answer so far has been 'Yes, I can.'

Leslie has given me the foundation and confidence that I am able to do that."

- Art C.

Deb was brand new to the piano, and surprised herself with what she was able to do. She shared her experience in a Toastmasters speech!

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